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2016-12-10 - Jay Hosts
2016-11-12 - Jay and Adam's Anarchist Playbook
2016-10-22 - Chris B and Darren's Nationalist Nightmare
2016-09-24 - Dan L and Mike L's Looney Libertarianism
2016-06-01 - Denley and Gaige's Pepsi Bowl
2016-05-28 - Dan L and Mike L's Tyree Spread
2016-04-23 - Bryan and Dan T's Drawing Dead Hand
2016-03-26 - Mitch and Doyle's Doomed Deuce-Seven
2016-02-27 - Timko's Two Pair
2016-01-09 - Jeff and Phil's Phunny Phlush
2015-12-12 - Jay and Pete's Pot-Luck Odds
2015-11-18 - Hiller and Miller's Masochistic Muck
2015-10-24 - Chris B and Darren's Open Door Shit
2015-09-26 - Kyle and Danny's Veggie Phenom
2015-06-20 - Mark and Chris Season Finale Raw Burger Spectacular
2015-05-31 - Mitch and Mike Mountain Mayhem
2015-04-18 - Jeff and Darryl All-In Classic
2015-03-28 - Return of the Snowbird at Denley's
2015-02-14 - Valentine's Day Tournament - BYO Stuff
2015-01-31 - The Adam and Pete Winter Poker Jam
2014-12-06 - The Daren and Chris B Hold'em Showdown
2014-11-08 - Miller and Hiller at Miller's
2014-10-04 - Jeff and Phil at Darryl's
2014-09-06 - Kyle and Danny at Denley's
2014-06-28 - Denley and Mark - The Salsa Jay Memorial
2014-05-31 - Angry Danny and Kyle
2014-04-12 - Darryl's Deal
2014-03-29 - Mike's March Madness
2014-02-01 - Dan and Bryan
2014-01-18 - Adam and Pete Winter Classic
2013-12-07 - Smaller's Hold'em Showdown V
2013-11-09 - Kards at Kevin's
2013-10-26 - Jeff and Phil Hold'Em Classic
2013-09-07 - Darren and Chris
2013-06-15 - Denley and Possibly Jay
2013-05-04 - Kyle and Danny Double Host
2013-04-27 - The Mike Invitational
2013-03-23 - Kards at Kevin's
2013-02-02 - Ante up with Adam IV
2013-01-12 - Dave's Deal
2012-12-08 - Bryan and Dan
2012-11-03 - Smallers Holdem Showdown IV
2012-10-27 - Jeff and Darryl and Bobby IV
2012-09-08 - Darren and Phil
2012-06-01 - Playoff at Denley's w/Jay
2012-05-05 - Mike Lee Invitational III
2012-04-21 - Darren and Phil Tilt
2012-03-10 - BLT - Bryan n' Lortie Tourney
2012-02-18 - The Bobby Bash at Miller's
2012-01-28 - Ante up with Adam II
2011-12-10 - Forsyth Classic III
2011-11-05 - Sean and Dave
2011-10-15 - Mitch Mania
2011-09-24 - Kyle And Danny's Downtown Beatdown
2011-06-11 - Denley and Dan
2011-05-28 - 2nd Annual Lee Invitational
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2011-03-05 - Ante up with Adam
2011-02-12 - Napper at Miller's
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2010-12-18 - Klash at Kyle's
2010-11-20 - Smallers Holdem Showdown
2010-10-23 - Darren and Phil Tilt
2010-09-18 - Forsyth Hill Classic
2010-06-01 - Playoff at Denley's
2010-05-01 - Darren's Deal
2010-04-10 - The Roos Open
2010-03-28 - Phil Tilt
2010-02-07 - Bobby's Superbowl Smash at Jeff's
2010-01-21 - Cards at Kevin's
2009-12-12 - Bryan's Hold'em Shootout
2009-11-21 - The Smallers Hold'em Showdown
2009-10-24 - Mike Lee Invitational
2009-09-10 - The Forsyth Classic

The Smallers Hold'em Showdown
On November 21st the BBPT will stop in St. Catharines for the Smallers Holdem Showdown. Will we see a new champion or will Kyle extend his reign as the current BBPT champ? Will Chris return to the top or is it Derren's turn? Who will win? Who will be responsible for this month's eff up? Show up to find out!
Buy in: $10, top 2 finishers paid.

Oh how the mighty have fallen! The Smaller's Hold'em Showdown proved to be too much for two recent BBPT champions. In what was one of the most surprising turn of events that the young Big Boy Poker Tour has yet witnessed, last month's title holder Kyle was ousted in under an hour, when his pair of Kings ran into Darren's pocket Aces. Kyle's hand didn't improve when the board played out, which sent him to the couch to enjoy a night of beer, pizza and no-holds-barred* UFC action. Even with the early exit, Kyle still leads the league with a 66.7% cashing frequency so far this year, and remains both the league point and knockout leader. The surprise exits continued when the league's first ever winner, Chris, also found himself on the couch after being eliminated by bitter rival Bobby, when his top pair fell to Bobby's river straight (a 5 carder no less!). There is some analyst speculation that Chris' play was hampered by a head injury he sustained on the way to his seat. Observers point to a second fall later in the night as evidence of Chris' confused mental state and that perhaps the earlier mishap had done more damage than first suspected. Only time will tell if this past champ can battle through personal adversity to once again have an impact on the felt, or if he will be but a pitiful, drooling shadow of his former self. Get well soon Chris! To prevent a recurrence of this unfortunate chapter, the league is looking into installing various barriers and padding solutions at future event venues, which they hope will offer the necessary protection to both BBPT players and its many fans.

Eliminated in 7th spot, and sporting one hell of a 'stache, was Jeff. Jeff played a solid game for the first couple of hours of the tournament before getting ejected by Bobby, who claimed his second victim of the night. Jeff would spend the remainder of the night enjoying delicious Little Caesar's Pizza and no pop.

Sean delivered yet another disappointing performance, finishing in 6th spot and collecting a paltry 5 points, putting him ahead of just two players on the BBPT leaderboard. It should be noted that the two players trailing Sean have only played 1 event each, whereas Sean has played in all 3 tour stops this season. He was among the chip leaders after a couple hours of play, but once again collided with Danny, who went all in preflop with pocket Queens, which would hold up against Sean's Ace King and leaving Sean only a few big blinds to play with. Sean was eliminated in the next hand as Mike delivered the knockout. Mike once again saw his chip stack shorten early on in the tournament, but just like we've seen him do before, he managed to battle his way back to give himself a chance before taking a couple of bad beats which would send him to the sidelines. One notable beat occurred when Mike got all his chips in against Danny, who would put his Ace-rag up against Mike's pocket nines. Danny made the unlikely straight as the board showed K-Q-J-T. Danny kindly pointed out to Mike that he also had a straight, but this did little to ease the pain of the beat.

Bobby played some of his best poker yet, placing 4th and adding 7 points to his season total. Bobby's performance is all the more remarkable when you consider his tough starting table that included two recent BBPT champs, the always-tricky Darren and an aggressive Danny, who would eventually be the man who would end Bobby's night. Bobby was a busy multitasker during the Smallers Holdem Showdown. Not only did he provide UFC colour commentary, but he also took numerous wagers on fights throughout the night, and also had to fulfill his usual high ball busting quota, for which he holds himself to an extremely high standard. This 4th place finish was the best of Bobby's BBPT career, and may be a good sign of things to come for him.

Darren played yet another solid tournament, landing in 3rd place and picking up 8 points. Darren is one of the most surprising players on the tour this year, having now turned in 5th, 3rd and 2nd place finishes. Darren's unpredictable and undefinable style has earned him the highest average finish position of anyone on tour, and if he can sustain this pace he will continue his meteoric ascent up the leaderboard, where he now sits just 3 points behind the leader.

DJ Hero Danny once again used his aggressive style and solid reads to rapidly amass a sizable chip stack, which would eventually carry him to a second place finish. Although a late arrival to the event and starting with a diminished chip count, Danny was unfazed and would soon prove to be more than up to the challenge. Although Danny has had large stacks in each of the first 3 BBPT events, he is yet to secure a win. Nevertheless he has already established himself as a regular contender and a force to be reckoned with in future events. Danny now finds himself in 4th place overall.

The surprises didn't end when Kyle and Chris met their earliest exits to date. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the stellar play of our new champion, Phil who was coming off of a disappointing 10th place finish at the Lee Invitational. Phil played a patient game where he picked his spots well and generally stayed out of trouble. His win was not without adversity, however. During the appetizer round Phil fearlessly bit into a pastry of some kind and began frantically waving his hands in front of his mouth and was temporarily unable to speak. The other players initially mocked him, as they were under the mistaken impression that Phil was complaining about the spice level of the tame hors d'oeuvres. It was soon apparent, however, that Phil's mouth was melting inside as the food was just out of the oven. This was no laughing matter, although apparently it was still quite humourous to his tablemates who laughed anyway. Fighting through adversity is what makes a great champion, and Phil did just that. The win and its 15 point boost catapulted Phil into 5th place and well into the thick of things on the leaderboard.

*Except for these 30 or so violations, which include "7. Putting a finger into any orifice or into any cut or laceration on an opponent." I don't know about you, but my UFC includes fingers deep inside cuts and orrices. TOO MANY RULES. I smell a boycott!


Tournament Results
Finish Player Points
1 Phil E 15.0
2 Danny R 10.0
3 Darren P 8.0
4 Bobby H 7.0
5 Mike L 6.0
6 Sean M 5.0
7 Jeff F 4.0
8 Chris D 3.0
9 Kyle R 2.0