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2017-12-30 - Episode 8 - The last Jack
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2017-02-11 - Darryl Deals
2017-01-21 - Bring Your Own Shizzle. I think People still say that
2016-12-10 - Jay Hosts
2016-11-12 - Jay and Adam's Anarchist Playbook
2016-10-22 - Chris B and Darren's Nationalist Nightmare
2016-09-24 - Dan L and Mike L's Looney Libertarianism
2016-06-01 - Denley and Gaige's Pepsi Bowl
2016-05-28 - Dan L and Mike L's Tyree Spread
2016-04-23 - Bryan and Dan T's Drawing Dead Hand
2016-03-26 - Mitch and Doyle's Doomed Deuce-Seven
2016-02-27 - Timko's Two Pair
2016-01-09 - Jeff and Phil's Phunny Phlush
2015-12-12 - Jay and Pete's Pot-Luck Odds
2015-11-18 - Hiller and Miller's Masochistic Muck
2015-10-24 - Chris B and Darren's Open Door Shit
2015-09-26 - Kyle and Danny's Veggie Phenom
2015-06-20 - Mark and Chris Season Finale Raw Burger Spectacular
2015-05-31 - Mitch and Mike Mountain Mayhem
2015-04-18 - Jeff and Darryl All-In Classic
2015-03-28 - Return of the Snowbird at Denley's
2015-02-14 - Valentine's Day Tournament - BYO Stuff
2015-01-31 - The Adam and Pete Winter Poker Jam
2014-12-06 - The Daren and Chris B Hold'em Showdown
2014-11-08 - Miller and Hiller at Miller's
2014-10-04 - Jeff and Phil at Darryl's
2014-09-06 - Kyle and Danny at Denley's
2014-06-28 - Denley and Mark - The Salsa Jay Memorial
2014-05-31 - Angry Danny and Kyle
2014-04-12 - Darryl's Deal
2014-03-29 - Mike's March Madness
2014-02-01 - Dan and Bryan
2014-01-18 - Adam and Pete Winter Classic
2013-12-07 - Smaller's Hold'em Showdown V
2013-11-09 - Kards at Kevin's
2013-10-26 - Jeff and Phil Hold'Em Classic
2013-09-07 - Darren and Chris
2013-06-15 - Denley and Possibly Jay
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2010-12-18 - Klash at Kyle's
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2010-10-23 - Darren and Phil Tilt
2010-09-18 - Forsyth Hill Classic
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2010-05-01 - Darren's Deal
2010-04-10 - The Roos Open
2010-03-28 - Phil Tilt
2010-02-07 - Bobby's Superbowl Smash at Jeff's
2010-01-21 - Cards at Kevin's
2009-12-12 - Bryan's Hold'em Shootout
2009-11-21 - The Smallers Hold'em Showdown
2009-10-24 - Mike Lee Invitational
2009-09-10 - The Forsyth Classic

Playoff at Denley's
Denley hosts.
Buy in: $10, top 2 finishers paid.

Although the champion of the inaugural season of the BBPT had already been decided, the remaining 3 money spots were still up for grabs as a field of 9 players headed into the tenth and final stop of the tour.

The battle for the season's overall second place finish was being fought between Denley, Sean, Darren and Phil. In a dramatic and fitting twist of fate, all 4 of these players would make it not only to the final table, but also to the final four of this month's tourney.

One of more surprising outcomes of the final event was the quick exit of Mike, who lasted only 66 minutes, which is the third fastest finish in BBPT history.* Most BBPT analysts would agree that Mike was this season's biggest underachiever, especially given his typically strong showings in cash games. However, Mike was this year's bubble boy, with 3 finishes on the bubble - and no one can take that away from him.

Bobby played a strong game in which he came very close to altering history by nearly eliminating Sean early in the event. Sean started stealing blinds aggressively and went all in with AJ, and Bobby looked as though he was coming very close to making the call for his tournament life. He eventually decided against it, but showed a K9. The players rabbit hunted the flop, turn and river, which brought about two 9s which would have eliminated Sean in 8th place. Instead, a few rounds later Bobby was eliminated when he went all in with AT and was dominated by Sean's AK.

Bryan played his typical wild and unpredictable style, which is very hard for the other players to adapt to at times. Early in the tournament Bryan called Sean's bets on the flop and turn. The players both checked the river and Bryan tabled a Jack high, which beat Sean's missed open ended straight draw. Another hand saw him call off a sizable portion of his stack against Phil with a measly pair of threes. If Bryan can harness his wild play by picking better spots, as well as learn to fold weaker holdings, he could make significant improvements to his BBPT season standing next year.

Jeff played his usual tight game, which landed him in 6th spot for 5 points, which is pretty much in line with his season 5.4 points per tournament avg.

Kyle finished 5th, which, impressively, is his second lowest finish ever. Kyle seemed to have been pretty card dead, as he wasn't able to get much going in the mid to late stages of event 10.

Chris, once again plagued by a head injury, played a solid game but was also unable to get anything going and eventually saw his chip stack dwindle away before being knocked out in 4th place, which put a season money finish out of reach for the BBPT's first ever event winner. Chris' frustration was evident later in the night when he exploded on Sean for criticisms Sean made about the TV show Lost.

Darren made yet another deep run, finishing third and capping off a solid season in which he won his first event and placed second in two more. Darren also continued making statistically improbable hands in this tournament. Kyle folded to a bet and Darren tabled what would have been a royal flush, which only adds to the mystique of the player they call the "Statistical Anomaly".

The final table eventually became the final two, as Sean and Phil battled it out for first place in the tournament and, more importantly, second place overall money. Sean started the battle with a slight chip lead, but it was still anyone's tournament to win when heads up play commenced. Players played for a few hands and Sean won a few small pots before the final hand of the season was played. The flop came with 2 aces and a low card. Phil bet a couple thousand chips and Sean hesitated before calling. The turn saw yet another ace hit the board. Phil bet out again and Sean called. A blank card fell on the river and Sean thought for some time before check raising Phil and putting Phil to a decision for his tournament life. Minutes went by as Phil agonized over the call. At one point, Phil consulted league treasurer Jeff about what the third place payout would be should he lose the pot. Minutes passed before Sean cut the tension and said, "I guess he doesn't have the ace!" Sean drew upon his years of formal acting training to appear as uncomfortable as possible, hoping that Phil would make the call, which he eventually would. Sean flipped over AJ, which beat Phil's queen.

The league would like to thank Chris for doing a great job hosting the final event of the season.

It was an intense and interesting ending to a successful first season of the Big Boy Poker Tour. Stay tuned for a summer Heads Up Tournament and eventually a second season of the tour in the fall.

*The league's fastest ever finisher is Kyle, who lasted just 45 minutes at the Smallers Showdown. The second most premature ejection (lol) was Mitch with a 56 minute performance at Phil Tilt.


Tournament Results
Finish Player Points
1 Sean M 15.0
2 Phil E 10.0
3 Darren P 8.0
4 Chris D 7.0
5 Kyle R 6.0
6 Jeff F 5.0
7 Bryan 4.0
8 Bobby H 3.0
9 Mike L 2.0