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Mike Lee Invitational

Mike hosts the second stop of the Big Boy Poker Tour.

Buy in: $10, top 2 finishers paid.

After overcoming some initial technical difficulties with the tournament supercomputer, the Lee Invitational got underway at around 9 o'clock Saturday night, and, just as with the inaugural BBPT event a month earlier, finished in just under 4 hours. Players again battled hard before a new monthly champion was crowned when Kyle defeated Darren with a flush on the final hand.

With that victory, Kyle has become the new league point leader with 25 points. Last month's winner, Chris, trails now by a mere 2 points. Chris made a good run, but is probably doing a lot of soul searching and second guessing after getting it all in with Queen 7. Surprising many poker analysts was the back-to-back and unexpectedly strong showings of Darren, who has quietly attained a third place spot in the league while averaging a solid 8 points per tournament.

As with most BBPT events, this tournament was, of course, not without controversy. As mentioned earlier, the tournament was delayed due to technical difficulties with the league's custom made computer. League technician Sean was struggling with the tournament software right up until the start of the tournament, and as fate would have it he was chosen to be the dealer. Sean was not giving the dealing his full attention and somehow managed to deal counter-clockwise for the first time in his life. Although he may have been busy with troubleshooting technical issues, the league believes that there really is no excuse for such an error, which may have fundamentally altered the outcome of the game ( la Chaos Theory). Some alcohol fueled players have suggested that those who finished last would have finished first, and vice versa, but the league has decided that there would be no reversal of player finish order and that the results will stand, albeit with an asterisk in the record books and on the trophy.

Making an impressive run was Jeff, who certainly helped his cause with a strong fourth place finish. This was quite the improvement over last month's disappointing 9th place showing (an event where he had home table advantage, no less). That 7 point boost put Jeff in 6th place overall in the yearly standings.

Having nights they would both probably want to forget were Sean and Phil, who finished a disappointing 9th and 10th respectively. Embarrassingly, both players were bested by a player who was not even present for the event. This was a first in BBPT history, and although we should give credit to Bobby who played the Lee Invitational very patiently and methodically, this is still a very shameful and forgettable chapter in Sean and Phil's BBPT careers. These players ought to improve on their sub 4 point per tournament averages if they want to have any kind of chance at a league championship.

Danny has been in the running for the past two tournaments, finishing 4th in the Forsyth Classic and 5th in this event. After spinning the wheels of steel earlier in the night, Danny showed up late and faced a reduced chip stack. Looking tanned and calm from a couple weeks in the warm Aruban sun, Danny was apparently ready for the challenge, as it didn't take him long before getting involved in a few big hands and quickly building a stack that was among the chip leaders. His 5th place finish puts him in a tie for 4th spot in the league.

Hosting the event and playing a solid game was Mike, who could not find the magic that propelled him to 3rd spot in the previous tournament. Mike would finish 6th this week, which gives him 4th spot overall in the league, with a 6.5 point per tournament average.

The league welcomed rookie player Bryan to the Tour this week. Bryan caused a lot of problems for his opponents early on as players had no idea about his playing style, and he often confused his competition with some unorthodox moves, not to mention his interesting story telling! Bryan had a good run and will only improve with more experience in the league.

The league thanks Mike for hosting and graciously providing numerous snack options, meatballs and, of course, rye.


Tournament Results
Finish Player Points
1 Kyle R 15.0
2 Darren P 10.0
3 Chris D 8.0
4 Jeff F 7.0
5 Danny R 6.0
6 Mike L 5.0
7 Bryan 4.0
8 Bobby H 3.0
9 Sean M 2.0
10 Phil E 1.0